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Mango's Interface Specification

SL# Spec. Bandwidth below 100Mb Bandwidth above 100Mb
01 Cable SM(single mode) single core Fiber SM(single mode) Dual core Fiber
02 Connector LC LC
03 Interface FE GE
04 Interface Module 100 BASE-FX SFP 1000 BASE-FX SFP
05 Module (Wave-length) 1310 nm wavelength/(1550 RX for single core fiber) 1310 nm wavelength
06 Module (Transmit Power) -9.5dBm(min), -3dBm(max) -9.5dBm(min), -3dBm(max)
07 Module Distance 10km 10km

Our interface specification is given above. Please ensure that your connectivity matches either of the two options.

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