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Dhaka, January 05, 2012, Mango receives ITC license from BTRC
Mango became first IPv6 transit provider of Bangladesh
Dhaka, 19 January 2011, Mango gets digital signature Certifying Authority (CA) License from CCA, Government of Bangladesh
Full Internet capacity restored for Bangladesh by Mango IIG again after Submarine Cable system problem
Tweaking Routers and Servers for DST in Bangladesh
Dhaka POP2 location: 105/1, Agamasi Lane, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
Formal Inauguration of Mango Teleservices Ltd. on 21st August 2008
Chittagong POP location: 361/A, Nandan Kanan Paradise Hill, 1st floor, Chittagong
Mango Tariff
Mango: Bringing best quality affordable internet to the masses of Bangladesh

Mango Teleservices Limited is the only private sector International Internet Gateway (IIG) operator of Bangladesh.

Mango won the IIG license through an open auction from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) on February 25, 2008.

All ISPs connect to the internet through the IIGs.

Mango has world class network, equipment, team and international carrier partners.

We are here to CLIC (Connect, Learn, Innovate & Collaborate) 

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Mango's Interface Specification For Connectivity
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